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16 098 602 790



8 Silkwood Rise, Carrum Downs,

3201, Victoria,  Australia



toll-free from within Australia

1300 361 771


Lotus 580x580mm

WALL ART 580x580mm


We manufacture ten wall art designs in 580x580mm size only in Charcoal colour.  


All of these are available in Australia only at Bunnings.  


We do not manufacture any other sizes or colours in the designs shown below.


Not all of these designs are available at all Bunnings stores. If not available, they can be ordered through Special Orders.



Lotus 580x580mm

Grape Vine 580x580mm

Reeds 580x580mm

Tiles 580x580mm

Wildflowers 580x580mm

Fronds 580x580mm




Strelitzia 580x580mm

Continental 580x580mm

Hibiscus 580x580mm

Victorian 580x580mm