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Matrix "Shed Tred" floor panels are ideal for many applications, both indoors and outdoors. They are a low cost and easy to install alternative to concrete for shed flooring. They can be used as a more comfortable floor matting on concrete and to keep items off the floor to stop them getting damp.


They are 590x590x20mm and are made from UV stabilised recycled plastic which is impervious to moisture and most chemicals. They have a closed top with a slip-resistant design which is easier to walk on (especially barefoot), and prevents small objects from falling through. They are fast and easy to lay down and remove. They can be used indoors or outdoors and are light and strong. NOTE: MATRIX Shed Floor panels are not suitable for vehicle traffic use.


Matrix Shed Floor Panels are available only from Bunnings in charcoal colour.

• UV stabilised for long outdoor life
• Not affected by fresh or salt water
• Will not rot, rust or be eaten by insects
• Clip together for easy installation
• Slip resistant top surface
• Easy to cut with a wood saw if required

To install, first prepare a flat area.  Use of sand and weed mat is recommended if placing panels on soil.

To join, align clips and slots then step or push down to clip together.

To unclip, insert a flat blade screwdriver into slots and lift one clip at a time.


To secure a shed to the ground, you will need 4 screw type tent pegs and 4 angle brackets. 

Attach the angle brackets to the shed in the corners.  

Drill holes through the angle brackets and the shed floor panels large enough for the tent pegs to fit through.

Screw the tent pegs into the ground through the angle brackets and the shed floor panels.