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Plastic Lattice
t is tough, strong & durable, will not rot, rust, mildew or be attacked by termites and will never come apart like timber lattice.
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The perfect blend of contemporary styling, durability and low maintenance.
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Traditional or modern fencing styles in both domestic and commercial applications.
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They will last for many years outdoors and in continuous contact with water.
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Welcome to Design Flow

Design Flow is an Australian privately owned company established in 2001. We specialise in the development, manufacture and marketing of innovative plastic products under the MatrixTM brand. 


Our products are sold to home improvement retailers, building, industrial, mining, marine, primary production and many other sectors.


We always endeavour to use the highest possible proportion of carefully selected recycled plastic raw materials in the manufacture of our products, without compromising product quality, durability and performance.
Our products are broadly divided into four ranges: Matrix Lattice and Decorative Screens, Matrix Flooring, Matrix Pickets and Matrix Panels. Click on the links at left to see more details of our products.

Matrix Lattice

Matrix Lattice product range includes 4 types of plastic lattice, galvanised and powder coated steel C-channel frame kits, Diamond Clips and Fence Extensions.  For more information on this product range please click on the Plastic Lattice link.  

  • Matrix Lattice is made from UV-stabilised PolyPropylene (PP) resin for high strength and long life.  
  • Galvanised and powder coated Matrix C-channel steel framing system makes installation of Matrix Lattice simple and secure. 
  • Matrix Diamond Clips are a neat and low cost installation option for all types of Matrix Lattice. 
  • Matrix Fence Extensions are used to add height to timber, steel and masonry fences for increased privacy and security. 

Matrix Lattice products are available from Bunnings, Stratco, Mitre 10, Home Hardware, Thrifty Link Hardware and True Value Hardware stores around Australia, and from many other independent timber & hardware stores. Contact your nearest store for availability or ordering procedure.




Matrix Decor Screens product range includes plastic Decorative Screens 2400x1200mm, 1800x1200mm, 1800x900mm and 1800x600mm, Wall Art panels 1160x580mm, 900x900mm and 580x580mm, all injection moulded from 100% recycled PolyPropylene (PP), as well as galvanised and powder coated steel C-channel frame kits.  


Matrix Decor Screens and Wall Art panels are an attractive, durable, low cost and low maintenance alternative to timber and metal laser cut decorative screens. For more information on this product range please click on the Decorative Screens & Wall Art link at left.


Matrix Decor Screens and Wall Art are available at most Bunnings stores.  Stratco stores stock 2 models, which can also be ordered through Mitre 10, Home Hardware and Thrifty Link stores and from many other independent timber & hardware stores.


Matrix Pickets


Matrix Pickets product range includes solid plastic pickets and galvanised & powder coated posts and rails. They are tough, long lasting and, unlike traditional picket fencing, never need painting. Due to the non-stick nature of the plastic, graffiti washes off easily.  For more information on this product range please click on the Matrix Pickets link at left.


Matrix picket fencing is available in two types: permanent and portable.  Matrix Permanent Picket Fencing is ideal for use in public spaces and commercial applications due to their toughness and extreme resistance to vandalism.  It is also perfectly suited to residential front fences and gates.  Simple and quick installation of pre-assembled fence panels and gates will produce professional results with a minimum of time and effort. 


Matrix Portable Picket Fencing is ideal for use during events such as exhibitions, parties, rallies, sports, etc. whenever an attractive temporary partition between areas is required.  Matrix Portable Picket Fencing is also perfect for surrounding outdoor areas in cafes and restaurants, as it can be put away at closing time. Matrix Portable Picket Fencing is light and durable and requires no maintenance other than an occasional rinse to get the dust off.  Because the posts are separate from the fence panels, Matrix Portable Picket Fencing is easy to transport and takes up very little space in storage.

Matrix Panels


Design Flow manufactures in Australia plastic sheets 2.4x1.2m from 7mm to 60mm thick in a range of colours in either smooth or textured surface finishes under the Matrix PanelsTM brand.  Matrix Panels are manufactured from either post-industrial recycled polymers or virgin (new) polymers.  


Design Flow manufactures its plastic sheets from PolyEthylene (PE) and PolyPropylene (PP) polymers. 

PE sheets are available in High Density PolyEthylene (HDPE), Medium Density PolyEthylene (MDPE) and Low Density PolyEthylene (LDPE). 
PP sheets are available in PolyPropylene Homopolymer (PP-H) and  PolyPropylene Copolymer (PP-C). 
Matrix Panels are totally waterproof and resistant to most chemicals and UV light.  They can be saw cut, drilled, machined and plastic welded into various shapes to suit your application. Design Flow offers 2D CAD product design and CNC machining services.
For more information on this product range please visit our Matrix Panels web site www.matrixpanels.com.au.

Matrix Walkway Panels


Design Flow manufactures in Australia plastic Walkway Panels 1200 x 400 x 40mm from either virgin or recycled Polypropylene Copolymer resin (PP) in a range of 4 colours.  They are available at Bunnings under the Matrix Fast Floor brand.


Matrix Walkway Panels are used in many applications where a non-slip pedestrian surface is required, including jetties, pontoons, boardwalks, pedestrian bridges, viewing platforms, farm sheds, ramps, etc. They are light weight but very strong, with each panel able to support 1500kg when correctly installed.  


Matrix Walkway Panels meet the requirements of Australian / New Zealand standards for load bearing capacity and slip resistance.  Click on the Walkway Panesl link at left for more details.

Matrix Ground Mats


Design Flow manufactures in Australia plastic Ground Mats (also known as Bog Mats) 2400 x 1200mm and 2400 x 600mm from recycled High Density PolyEthylene (HDPE) in a range of colours.  Standard thicknesses are 10mm, 12mm and 19mm, and non-standard sizes or thicknesses can be manufactured.  Joiners are available in 2-way and 4-way configuration to allow mats to be joined to form a continuos roadway or a large pad.


Matrix Ground Mats are used to protect grass and soft ground from vehicle tyres and to prevent vehicles from getting stuck in soft ground.  2.4x1.2m mats have over 1600 studs on each side; one side provides grip to the tyres or tracks, while the other side grips the ground to stop the mats sliding.
They are moulded from a special grade of UV-stabilised recycled polyethylene resin which is designed for long outdoor life.  The material used allows the mats to flex without breaking even under the weight of a heavy truck, while being rigid enough to spread the wheel load.

Pallet Separators

Matrix Pallet Separators are solid plastic panels 2000x1130x6mm with rounded edges and a recess at the bottom for forklift tine entry. Matrix Pallet Separators are used by transport companies to create a barrier between adjacent pallets of goods in order to protect them from each other or the forklift during truck loading and transportation.  
Matrix Pallet Separators prevent costly packaging damage, spillage, loss and contamination of palletised goods, especially in the food and grocery sector.  They are also ideal for protecting goods packed in bags, for example polymers, cement and stock feed.
Matrix Pallet Separators are injection moulded from 100% recycled Polypropylene (PP) and are much tougher than plywood and coreflute.  They are also significantly safer for manual handling due to their rounded edges, grip ridges and no possibility of splinters.
They can be hot foil stamped with your company name or logo to reduce the likelihood of loss or theft.
They will outlast plywood by 6-10 times, making them much more economical.  We will even buy back at scrap value any damaged Matrix Pallet Separators for recycling.