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Design Flow  Panels are 100% solid plastic sheets 2.4x1.2m in size available in thickness range from 10mm to 30mm in recycled HDPE.  

We manufacture our Panels in our factory in Carrum Downs, Victoria in a range of colours, in smooth or textured surface finish.  

Click here to download the current list of available recycled HDPE colours.


Design Flow Panels can be used for a huge range of applications in many industries including Agriculture, Aquaculture, Building & Construction, Chemical, Equine, Manufacturing, Marine, Materials Handling, Signage, Transport, etc. 


Product Information

Standard sheet size tolerance is 2400+40/-0mm x 1200+20/-0mm, sheet squareness tolerance is within 5mm.

Sheet thickness tolerance is ±5% or +/-1mm, whichever is greater.  Sheet thickness can vary within the tolerance from corner to corner within one sheet.


General guidelines regarding thermal expansion/contraction:

Coefficient of linear thermal expansion of HDPE is 0.12mm / m / degree C.

A 2.4m long sheet will change in length by about 12mm over a 40 degree temperature change and its 1.2m width will change by 6mm.

The fixing holes in the sheet have to be oversized or elongated to allow the sheet to expand and contract freely with changes in temperature.  Do not over-tighten the fasteners as this will restrict movement and will cause the sheet to buckle.

Do not position fasteners closer than 15mm from the edge of the sheet and ensure that there is a sufficient gap all around the fastener in the hole.  If the edge of the sheet breaks away at the fastener hole in the cold, then the hole was too small or there was not enough gap around the fastener.

If using one 2.4x1.2m sheet, leave a 6mm expansion gap all around between the edge of the sheet and any fixed object.  If multiple sheets are installed side by side, leave a 12mm expansion gap between sheets.

If the sheet buckles in the heat, loosen or reposition the fasteners or enlarge the holes in the sheet.