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Matrix Décor Screens and Wall Art offer the perfect blend of contemporary styling, durability and low maintenance. The versatility and style of these panels allows for installation both indoors and outdoors, in formal and informal settings.


Matrix Décor Screens and Wall Art are suited to all climatic conditions and will never rot, rust, swell or leach out their colour. These panels are not affected by continuous exposure to moist, salty air and will not stain wall or paving.


Fade resistant materials are used to ensure that they will never need painting.  Painting is not recommended as conventional paints will not adhere to the surface without pre-treatment with a gas fired flame torch.


Attractive designs of Matrix Décor Screens and Wall Art allow an artistic installation suited to residential and commercial properties. Matrix Décor Screens and Wall Art can be further enhanced with background or recessed lighting.


Geometric designs complement the clean lines of modern architecture. Organic designs suit both traditional and new buildings.  Matrix Décor Screens can be used as an area divider, privacy screen or simply as a decorative feature in a domestic or a commercial environment.


Bring the garden inside, enhance your courtyard, or disguise an existing feature or unwanted view with Matrix Décor Screens and Wall Art. Click on the links at left or below to see installed photos of each panel size:


580x580mm      1160x580mm      1800x900mm      1800x1200mm      2400x1200mm


• Available in many attractive contemporary designs
• Made in Australia from 100% recycled plastic
• Will not rot, rust or need painting
• Do not contain harmful chemicals
• Resistant to mould and insects
• Covered by a 15 year structural warranty


Matrix Decor Screens can be installed using several simple methods that can be found on the Lattice & Decor Screen Installation page.  Our recommended method is using one Matrix C-channel Frame Kit per panel. 


Matrix C-channel Frame Kits are available at Bunnings in colours that match Matrix Decor Screens.  Click here to download C-channel kit installation instructions.  If the size of the panel has to be reduced to fit the available space, cut the same amount off the panel and off the frame pieces to ensure that they fit together.


Matrix Wall Art can be instaled either by hanging using the supplied chain, or attaching with screws through oversized holes.



bunnings-360x240.png - small

All Matrix Decor Screens shown below are available through Bunnings Australian stores.


Ocean Swell and Tropical screens are also available through Australian Stratco, Mitre 10, Home Hardware and Thrifty Link stores.

  Stratco_Logo_Large55.gif - smallMitre10logo.png - smallHome_hardware_logo.jpg - small  thrifty_link_logo.jpg - small


In New Zealand check at your local Bunnings store for models available.


For availability in other countries please send us an Online Enquiry from the Contact Us page.


Riverbank 1800x900mm

Block out 63%

Woodland 1800x900mm

Block out 58%

Jungle 1800x900mm

Block out 58%

Tangle 1800x900mm

Block out 70%

Orbit 1800x900mm

Block out 71%

Halo 1800x900mm

Block out 52%

Sahara 2410x1205mm

Block out 60%

Coolabah Charcoal 2410x1205mm

Block out 75%



Bloom 1800x1200mm

Block out 59%

Bubbles 1800x1200mm

Block out 66%

Cubism 1800x1200mm

Block out 57%

Magnolia 1800x1200mm

Block out 72%

Autumn 2410x1205mm

Block out 65%

Coolabah Charcoal 2410x1205mm

Block out 75%

Mosaic 2410x1205mm

Block out 62%

Ocean Swell 2410x1205mm

Block out 62%

Rainforest 2410x1205mm

Block out 84%

Sahara 2410x1205mm

Block out 60%

Tessellation 2410x1205mm

Block out 66%

Tropical 2410x1205mm

Block out 70%


2coolabah+sahara.jpg - large


CoolabahColourSwatch1.jpg - large


Note: The colours shown above may not exactly match the colour of the actual product and should be used as a guide only.  The colour names in brackets are the equivalent Colorbond steel colour names.

Fronds 580x580mm

Cobblestones 1160x580mm

Old Oak 1160x580mm

Grape Vine 580x580mm

Lotus 580x580mm

Reeds 580x580mm

Tiles 580x580mm

Wildflowers 580x580mm