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Matrix Extruded Garden Edging combines the look of traditional timber garden edging with the toughness, durability and low maintenance of UV resistant plastic. The strength and flexibility of this garden edging allows for installation in all garden situations.


Matrix Garden Edging is suited to all climatic conditions and will never rot, rust, swell or leach out the colour. It is not affected by continuous exposure to soil, moisture and salt and will not affect plants or stain paving materials.


Matrix Extruded Garden Edging is 100mm high x 3mm thick and is available in 10m rolls in two colours - simulated Mahogany and Walnut timber grain finishes. 


It is sold only at Bunnings stores in Australia.

- Not affected by continuous exposure to moisture and soil
- Will not rot, rust, swell or splinter
- Tough, strong and flexible
- UV stabilised for long outdoor life
- Made in Australia from recycled plastic
- 15 year structural warranty


Matrix Extruded Garden Edging can be installed with metal or plastic pegs that are available at Bunnings and other hardware stores.  For best results, cut into 2m or shorter pieces and overlap at the joints. Fit the pegs on the joints and about every 1m.


Dig a trench of the required depth. Cut to the required length using a wood saw, then place the garden edging in the ground. Where sections join, overlap them. Fix in position using metal or plastic pegs which are sold separately, then backfill the soil. Where curves are required, Matrix Garden Edge can flex easily to form gentle arcs. More severe bends will require additional pegs.


NOTE: All plastic products will expand and contract with changes in temperature. If during installation no allowance is made for this, the garden edging may buckle or pop out of the ground. Cutting the garden edging into shorter pieces will alleviate this problem.