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Matrix Picket Fencing is ideal for domestic use as well as public space and commercial applications due to their toughness and extreme resistance to vandalism and graffiti.  Painting and ongoing maintenance are not required.
Simple and quick installation of pre-assembled fence panels and gates will produce professional results with a minimum of time and effort.  Click on the following link to Download Matrix Pickets PDF brochure.


Matrix Pickets are have a smooth non-stick surface finish on both front and back.  They are finished with a beaded edge all the way around on the front only.  Click on a photo to enlarge it for a closer look.
Matrix Pickets are available with a flat top plus the following standard head shapes:

Half Round



Osborne / Gothic




Flat Top

Other head shapes can be made to order - minimum order quantities apply.
Please contact us for a quotation.
Standard picket colours are Off White, Smooth Cream and Caulfield Green.  Other colours can be made to order - minimum order quantities apply. 
Standard width of pickets is 62mm (+/-0.5mm). 
Standard picket thickness is either 18mm or 12mm (+/-1mm).
Standard picket heights are 800mm and 1200mm (+/-2mm). 
Other picket heights can be manufactured to order (up to a maximum of 2400mm).
Standard picket rail section is 40x40x1.6mm galvanised steel square tube.
Standard picket rails are 2400mm (+/-1mm) long.  Other rail lengths can be made to order.
Picket fence panels are supplied 2400mm long with pickets assembled to the rails with either 20mm or 45mm gaps between pickets.  Panels with other lengths or gaps between pickets can be made to order. 
Gates are available in two standard sizes: single 900mm wide or two-leaf 3200mm wide.  Non-standard gates can be made to order.
Posts for picket fences are available in galvanised and powder coated steel square tube 65x65x2mm or 89x89x2.5mm.  Posts with flat top steel post caps can be ordered in any of the 12 Colorbond® colours below:
We use 2 rails for pickets 1200mm high or less, and 3 rails for pickets over 1200mm high.
A galvanised and powder coated plinth 62mm deep x 152mm high is available for fitting at the bottom of the pickets.
The pickets are attached to the rails from the front through pre-drilled holes in the pickets and the rails using galvanised countersunk bugle head screws which are powder coated to match the pickets.  Security screws are available if required.
Installation of Matrix Picket Fencing is simple and suitable for DIY as the panels and gates are supplied pre-assembled.
Using a string line and tape measure accurately mark fence post holes with a spacing of 2410mm between posts.  Dig the post holes to the specified size and depth.  Concrete the posts into position, ensuring that they are plumb and at the correct spacing.  Allow the concrete to set.
Insert Matrix floating brackets into the ends of the 40x40x1.6mm square tube picket fence rails. Position the fence panel at the correct height relative to the posts, and attach the brackets to the posts using self drilling screws. 
IMPORTANT: ensure that each Matrix floating bracket is at the top of the opening in the end of the rail before attaching it to the post.
Matrix floating brackets will allow the rails to move up and down as pickets expand and contract with changes in ambient temperature.  Incorrect installation will prevent or restrict this movement, which will void the warranty.