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Matrix Pallet Separators are solid plastic panels 2000x1130mm with rounded edges and a recess at the bottom for forklift tine entry. Matrix Pallet Separators are used by transport companies to create a barrier between adjacent pallets of goods in order to protect them from each other during truck loading and transportation.  
Matrix Pallet Separators prevent costly packaging damage, spillage, loss and contamination of palletised goods, especially in the food and grocery sector.  They are also ideal for protecting goods packed in bags, for example cement and stock feed.
Matrix Pallet Separators are injection moulded from 100% recycled plastic and are much tougher than plywood and extruded hollow plastic boards.  They are also significantly safer for manual handling due to their rounded edges, grip ridges and no possibility of splinters.
They can be hot foil stamped with your company name or logo to reduce the likelihood of loss or theft.
They will outlast plywood by 6-10 times, making them much more economical.  We will even buy back at scrap value any damaged Matrix Pallet Separators for recycling.  
Matrix Pallet Separators have proven to be extremely durable and economical in use by leading grocery retailers and logistics companies.  If you take into account the financial and safety benefits, the decision is simple.  Replace plywood with Matrix Pallet Separators and start saving.

Advantages over plywood

  • Do not absorb dirt or moisture and can be washed
  • Non-porous, will not harbour mould or bacteria
  • Last 6 to 10 times longer, more economical
  • Completely weather resistant, 15 year outdoor life
  • Have rounded edges and do not splinter, much safer for manual handling
  • Made from 100% recycled plastic
  • Fully recyclable, we will buy them back at scrap value
  • Made in Australia from Australian raw materials
  • Can be permanently hot stamped with your company name / logo to show ownership