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Matrix Ground Mats are used to protect grass and soft ground from vehicle tyres or caterpillar tracks, and to prevent vehicles from getting stuck in soft ground.  Each 2.4x1.2m mat has over 1600 studs on each side; one side provides grip to the tyres, while the other side grips the ground.
They are moulded from a special grade of UV-stabilised recycled HDPE resin which is designed for toughness and long outdoor life.  The material used allows the mats to flex without breaking even under the weight of a heavy truck, while being rigid enough to spread the wheel load.
  • Studs on both sides provide grip to the ground and to tyres / tracks as well as foot traffic 
  • Much lighter and safer to handle than steel plates
  • Not slippery like steel plates or plywood
  • Much longer lasting and safer than plywood
  • Prevent damage to lawns and paving surfaces 
  • Prevent bogged vehicles and down time
  • Prevent injuries and improve site efficiency
  • Easy to transport, carry, lay out and store
  • 2-way and 4-way joiners are available
  • Project professional company image
  • Construction and civil engineering works 
  • Utilities and infrastructure maintenance
  • Golf course and sports field maintenance
  • Parks and gardens maintenance
  • Landscaping works
  • Emergency access
  • Cemetery works
  • Temporary roadways and carparks
  • Outdoor event flooring
  • Military sites
  • Caravan parks
  • Heritage sites and eco sensitive areas

Thickness: 12mm core + 3mm studs on both sides (other thicknesses available by Special Order)
Colours: Black, Off White (other colours available by Special Order - check with us for the MOQ)
Mat size: 2400x1200mm   Weight: 36kg approx. 
4 carry handle cut outs for easy manual handling
4 corner slots for joiners or pegs
4 rounded corners for safety
Mat size: 2400x600mm   Weight: 18kg approx. 
2 carry handle cut outs for easy manual handling
4 corner slots for joiners or pegs
4 rounded corners for safety
Mat size: 1200x600mm   Weight: 9kg approx.
1 carry handle cut out for easy manual handling
4 rounded corners for safety
2-way and 4-way Stainless Steel Ground Mat Joiners as shown above are also manufactured by Design Flow.  They are used to join mats together to form a continuous roadway or area.  They prevent the mats from separating and lifting relative to one another, which improves site safety and reduces the potential for damage to mats and vehicles. 
To join mats simply line up the slots in adjacent mats, rotate the bolts on the joiner to line up the tabs with the slots in the mats, insert the joiner and rotate bolts through 90 degrees using a hex socket.  To remove, turn the bolt so the indicator groove on the bolt head lines up with the slot.  Mat lifting is not required to fit or remove the joiners, making them safe and easy to fit and remove by one person.